5 Skincare Products I Am Loving

One thing I will always invest in is my skin and skincare. You only get one face and our skin is our largest organ. I’ll admit, I do have pretty good genetics when it comes to skin, but I’ve never just banked on that for myself to age gracefully. The products I use on my face have been important to me for as long as I can remember. I have not always had the best skin and I think that is what piqued my interest in going into the skin world. If you did not know, I was previously a licensed Esthetician! I worked for a skincare line, gave facials – you name it! So I do know a bit more than the average joe when it comes to skin.

I strongly believe that skincare is not a 1 size fits all. I suggest you speak with your dermatologist or esthetician to determine what products and ingredients are vital to your personal routine. Also, skincare is quite pricey! I have never been one to buy all of my products at once, I like to slowly add to my collection and introduce something new to my routine every so often depending on my skins needs each season. (Read until the end to see the product next on my list!)

With that being said, the products I mention below are pretty universal for the most part! I will note what skin type could benefit from each product.

I am not one to “splurge” on a face wash. I have used high end cleansers before and I have used a drugstore one that I’ve loved for years. That was until this face wash… I don’t think I can go back to anything else! 

This wash removes makeup, cleanses and brightens my skin all without stripping my natural oils. It lathers nicely and gives me the most refreshing feeling my skin has had! I truly love it.

This Vitamin C serum is a game changer! It has instantly brightened my skin and I love how light it is. It doesn’t smell bad but it definitely has a noticeable scent. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that is great for brightening & lightening skin while also protecting your skin from damaging free radicles. This serum layers nicely and I think the 15% was a good starting point for my skin since I have used active products. If you are more sensitive maybe start with the 10% but I will say I do have pretty sensitive skin and the 15% was fine! I will likely try the 20% next. 

Note: The bottle has lasted me 2.5 months and I haven’t hit halfway yet so my estimate is that this product will last anywhere from 5-6 months (I use AM & PM). I also wanted to note that I tilt my head back and drop the serum directly on my skin (1 drop on forehead, and one on each cheek – also enough to bring down my neck and decollate).

(I apologize for the blurry photo! ) Obagi’s Retivance is a retinoid. Retinoids are powerful anti-aging fighters and considered a medical grade skincare product. This blog post by Board Certified Nurse Practitioner & Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist Jordan Harper explains Retinoids very well (I also love her toning pads)! 

I only use this at night and am currently doing 3-4 nights per week. I haven’t noticed any sensitivity to it (which I love!) only minor chapped lips! (products spread when you apply them to your skin so I have started to put this lip treatment on before doing my skincare to act as a barrier.) This product is pricy but will make the biggest difference in your skin.

This product is hands down one of my favorite products I’ve discovered this year! If you invest in anything from this post, the 1st thing on your list should be sunscreen! I, even a former licensed esthetician, have not used sunscreen daily until this year. I am embarrassed to admit that but it is true. No matter your skin tone or daily sun exposure, everyone should wear sunscreen daily.

The amount of sunscreen in your makeup is not nearly enough to protect your skin. Also, a few hours in the sun can reverse your skincare products from the last 2 months. Additionally, if you are using active ingredients or anti aging products like a retinol your skin is even more sensitive to sun damage. 

Alright I will get off my soapbox but now let me tell you why I love this product! It is lightweight, the tint gives you a wonderful glow that doesn’t leave you greasy, and best of all – it doesn’t break me out! I love that this can be worn alone if I am getting an outdoor workout in but it also wears well under makeup. I can not say enough good things about this product – I truly love it and think any skin type would benefit from it! 

This lightweight cream has been a go to of mine for years. When I had inflamed skin this would help cool it down and also hydrate without making me oily. It is a very mild moisturizer, I say mild because I feel comfortable using this on top of pretty active ingredients/products like my Retivance without giving me a reaction. Plus this is a *relatively* affordable moisturizer compared to some of my other favorites! I also can’t resist the natural rose scent.

These 5 products have made such a noticeable difference in my skin that even my husband has commented on the glow! As promised, I am sharing the product I’m itching to try next. I love doing face masks and this one from Revision is raved about by skincare lovers. Once I give it a try I will report back!

TIP: I have linked all of the products mentioned in this post below – all of the links are from reputable skincare stores that I would and have personally bought from. I DO NOT recommend purchasing skincare products from Amazon.

Have any skincare questions? Leave them below, I’d love to help as best I can!



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