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With the upcoming purchase of our house, we are trying to be more intentional with our spending these next few months. Most things are either practical everyday items or something house-related, although I am even trying to hold off on that as I feel after we move in I will have a better idea of what I truly want.  Amazon Prime has been my best friend lately so today I am sharing a few of my recent buys! Have any Amazon favorites? Let us know in the comments!

I absolutely love this sweater, Will commented that it was a very “me” purchase since it is blue and white haha! I really like the fit, I purchased small but a medium may have been a tad more comfortable. I also like the solid navy and solid white options as well! I liked the price tag for a piece that would give me a fresh feel for spring.

I needed some no-show socks for sneakers, these have done the trick for me – I am not too picky about day to day socks.

William is a big Jordan Peterson fan! We even met him on a book tour once – a highlight of William’s life for sure. He has a new book coming out so I pre-ordered this for him!

This is our favorite brand of melatonin to keep on hand for nights we are up late working and can’t seem to wind down for bed.

A family favorite! Splendor games get pretty intense with the Wright family, don’t underestimate the box – this game is fun and competitive! 

I order with skepticism but this sweater shaver has quickly become one of my favorite gadgets! It has helped tremendously with everything from pilling sweaters (my Patagonia included) to linen chairs we have! This one is very cheap but does the job. 

My Apple silicone case was peeling and I didn’t want to spend a ton on a phone case. Opted for this neutral color and love it so far! May add another color for spring soon 🙂 

These are the only hangers we use in our closets! Getting rid of any mismatched hangers has helped the closet feel more organized and cohesive. I love these!

We recently got a Nespresso machine and these double shots are what William has been drinking daily. I am still testing out different pods to find my favorite, if you have any recommendations let me know in the comments! 

I purchased 5 more of these echo smart speaker plugs at the Amazon 4 star store with my sister in law after receiving one for Christmas. I actually received lots of “Alexa” products for the new house over Christmas and after testing them out will likely do a whole post on them! I am excited to use for surround sound in rooms where I don’t want an echo dot and to test out the routine feature on these – it has motion sensors so if you walk past it at a certain time it can heat up the coffee pot or turn on certain lights, etc.! 


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