Navigating The Holidays As Newlyweds

Photography: Mary McCarty


Happy Monday everyone! With this week kicking off the holiday season that we all (or at least I) live for, I wanted to share some tips on how we’ve navigated this time as newlyweds.

If you’re blessed enough to live near both yours and your spouses family, then you won’t necessarily need to divide the holidays up and you may even be able to celebrate both holidays with both families! But for those of us who live states away from the ones we love, it is not always as seamless! When we first got married Wills family lived here in West Palm Beach and my mom in Minnesota. This year my mom is still in MN and Wills family in North Carolina. Our family is everything to us and we love spending the holidays with them and continuing traditions. Today I am sharing 5 tips to make your newlywed holiday dreams a breeze!



1. Make A Plan

Talk with your spouse and express any expectations you may have in your head for the holidays. Getting on the same page and making these decisions together are key! Even if your man does not seem to mind what the plans are, consult with him! He may surprise you with his opinion or ideas.  And when you do decide to have this chat, I suggest to do it very far in advance so you have time to book plane tickets etc.

2. Do What’s Best For The Two Of You

Taking days off work to make your travel plans work can be a hassle and feeling guilty you’re not able to be with both sides of the family is never good. Figure out which plan would be best for your spouse and you. Of course, you would love to be with both families, but it doesn’t always work out that way. And if you didn’t plan in advance, breaking the bank on flight tickets is not always the best option, which leads me to my next point!

3. Get Creative

If coordinating plans and schedules with your family and not everyone is able to make it on Thanksgiving or Christmas, set a new date! For example, this year it did not work out for us to fly up to Minnesota to spend either holiday with my Mom. I am so grateful that she is so understanding so we decided to have her come to visit us in between the 2 holidays to celebrate both! It is the time together that matters most!

4. Keep In Touch With Both Sides

When you are unable to spend a holiday with one of your families, there are still ways to make them feel like you are celebrating together! Send a handwritten note in the mail or you and your spouse can step in the other room and give them a quick facetime call and say hello. It will warm their heart knowing that you care and are thinking of them as well!

5. Make New Traditions

If you have been following my blog then you already know, I absolutely love traditions! Since getting married and creating our own little family unit one of the most fun things has been starting new traditions. Things we will do with our children through the years. Of course, we will both use lots of our families traditions that we both experienced growing up, but creating something new just the two of you is such a magical part of marriage! I truly think it brings us closer together 🙂


I hope you found these tips helpful! If you know any newlyweds that would benefit from this during the upcoming holiday season please share this post with them! And if you have any other tips that have made the holidays easy with 2 families be sure to leave me a comment below!


Wishing you all a wonderful week!




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