The Riverhouse

Hey friends! Long-time no talk! It has been quite some time since my last post and so much life has happened! All good things šŸ™‚ I was able to quit my day job and have started working full time for the company my husband and I own together. It was a huge shift and I had to learn a lot but I am ultimately so grateful to be able to work from home let alone with my favorite person in the world. Between that, a few trips to see family and finding our new normal it hasn’t left me much time nurture this little blog of mine – but boy am I glad to be back at it!I decided for my first post back I would share about our time up in the Tennesse mountains two weeks ago. We stayed at Nana & Papaws (Williams grandparents) Riverhouse, which William & I call a slice of heaven on earth. Now, I had been to the river house one other time but under a few circumstances. It was during our engagement but I had gone without William! The first time I met his extended family I was just with his parents!! Luckily his entire family is so sweet, kind and generous that it was not one bit uncomfortable – I felt so loved and right at home. 

The reason for our trip was to celebrate Papaws 80th birthday. His children threw a wonderful Tennessee Volunteer’s themed party and many of his siblings (he had 14 brothers and sisters!!) and friends were there too. The 4 days we were up there, I had not one ounce of stress – it was complete bliss. Lots of giggles, Rook games and family filled fun time! It is one of my favorite trips William and I have ever taken and we will treasure the memories made!!


Here are some photos from our trip:


Papaws 80th Birthday Party!

The Wrights

The Bennetts

Our Florida crew now that my MIL and FIL are up in North Carolina

Uncle Chris showing us his beautiful garden at their farm! This is Williams dream!!

Sara, Lily & I

This is right off the back porch of the Riverhouse! The photo does not do it justice in the slightest.

I have the BEST In-Laws, I love them so much! They don’t make me feel any different than one of their own.

Sweet Nana & Papaw, we treasure our time with them.

Nana loves her William! I love their special bond, it absolutely melts my heart!!!

I love catching him relaxing and pondering. He is so smart, I often wonder what he thinks about haha

Rainbow during takeoff from TN!

I am already looking forward to the next trip we are able to take back to this piece of heaven! I would love to see it during fall – my absolute favorite time of year (which sadly, Florida lacks haha). I am forever grateful for the family I married into and the dream Will fulfills for me of having such a close-knit family!

That wraps up this post, I don’t have a set schedule moving forward on how often I will post. I am hoping to get back to a structured weekly schedule in a couple of weeks so please bear with me! I am so grateful for those who have still shown interest in my blog even during my absence, every time I chat with my mama she says her friends keep asking when I will be coming back (you ladies are the sweetest!).


Thank you for taking the time to read parts of my life and share a bit of your day with me. I am thrilled to be back and have lots of fun things in store, I can’t wait! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


With Love,

Rebecca Wright





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