Personality Types & Perfection

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Happy Thursday, friends!! Who is ready for the weekend?! I know I sure am! I am also ready for about 3 more cups of coffee… Hence this photo of me waiting for my refill 😉 Haha


Lately, I have become more aware of a characteristic of mine… good ole perfectionism. Yep. You too? Ok, let’s rewind.


Last March William and I both took a personality test that he needed to do for his job. We took them and never really dove into what they meant. A few weeks ago when we were in North Carolina, my sister in law was telling me how I haaaaaad to take this personality test. So she sent me the link. I took the test and 54 questions later I was given my number and some information on it. Well, once I talked to William about it he said: “Babe, I am pretty sure we took that test!”. Lo and behold, after searching my inbox I had found my previous test results! It turns out that I took the same exact test and got the same exact results! So…. it must be accurate! Haha


This test is similar to the Meyers-Briggs but a little different. It is called the Enneagram and you can click this link to take a free test if you are interested! (Wills company paid for a more extensive one that had around 200 questions but I got the same results with the free one!). I know everyone has different opinions on these tests and that is totally okay 🙂


Anyway, back to where I was going with this! I stumbled across some more information on each Enneagram type and decided to dig a little deeper into mine…and oh my word is it accurate. Reading through different things really helped me realize certain things about myself and why I do them! (William jokes that I have a mild case of OCD… at night, the throw pillows have to be placed a certain way on the floor otherwise it drives me crazy and I can’t fall asleep etc.)


The largest realization I’ve had has been my yearn for perfection. With never-ending to-do lists and no mercy from myself, you can see how this can become an issue. That is why I have decided to really focus on GRACE this year. With myself, with this blog and in everything I do. YES, I still want to stay on top of everything, aim to workout 4-6 times a week and have my 3 blog posts up for the week… but if I don’t… I am not going to beat myself up over it!


So if you feel like this is you too, please join me in showing yourself some grace. Because if you are anything like me, you give a lot of grace to others and you should start giving a little to yourself!! It serves as a wonderful practice of self-love!

So, what are you waiting for?! Take the test, and leave your number below! I would love to know your personality type! And have your spouse or significant other take one too, it will give you an opportunity to learn more about their personality!!


Below are some resources I found helpful when researching more about my Enneagram number:

  • Enneagram Institute
    -On this site you can click your number and if you keep scrolling you are able to read about your enneagram combined with your spouses!
  • Beth McCord
    -A link to an Instagram account that is more faith-based!
  • Enneagram & Coffee
    -Another Instagram account with great Enneagram content!

Wishing you the best weekend ever 🙂


With Love,

Rebecca Wright


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3 Responses

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