How Starting A Blog Changed My Life



This beautiful canvas was gifted to me by my mother in law after the launch of my blog! Fun fact: I purposely launched on the 5th because that is my lucky/favorite number 😉 I cried after opening this thoughtful gift! The artist does more than just canvases and her work is so beautiful, would make the sweetest gifts for the holidays – click here to check her out!!!



Happy Tuesday everyone! If you read my blog regularly, welcome back! And if you are new, I am SO glad you are here!! Today I wanted to share a little more personal post. Today I am sharing how staring my blog has changed my life!

I had a bit of an untraditional path after high school. Instead of going to college, I decided to get my Esthetician’s License (one could consider it a “skin expert” without a doctorate) click here for some skincare tips ;). I had so many dreams but chose this one to pursue. After I graduated from my program my mom moved back up to Minnesota and I was living on my own at the age of 19. I worked full time and did some freelance esthetic work with a skincare line (that I LOVED – and still do!). If you have ever wandered over to my “about me” page you will have read that I have always loved all things beauty and fashion! So it was no surprise to my family that I ended up in that industry haha.


The skincare line I was freelancing with had some incredible leaders that gave me some really big opportunities with the company, I will always be grateful for the doors that they opened for me throughout my time with them! In such a short period of time, I began working for them full time, moved to Minnesota to open a brand new Nordstrom and start up their counter. It did well and I was promoted to the Michigan Avenue Nordstrom back in Chicago. Living downtown Chicago and working on Michigan Avenue in my early 20’s (I am still in my early 20’s – who am I kidding haha so this really was not long ago at all) was such a unique opportunity that not many people can say they’ve done! I was considered young to be working in the industry I was in – most of the other ladies (and gentleman) were at least 10-20 years older than me. I did meet a few really sweet friends closer to my age that I still keep in touch with (hey Kelly!!!). The environment, however, was verrrrry intense. There were sales goals and everyone was trying to sell something different. What set me apart was that I LOVED what I was selling, or “talking about” rather, and I am very relationally driven. I would build my clientele off of genuinely wanting to address their skin concerns and get to know them almost like a friend. I never wanted to push a product on someone especially if I knew they didn’t need it! And my clients knew that.


So how does that relate to blogging? Why I am so glad you asked!


When William and I got engaged I was pretty burnt out from work. With all of the crazy events and LY’s to hit (increases from the previous year), I just wanted to settle down and breathe for a minute. Especially if we were going to plan our fairytale wedding! Not to mention, Will and I had been dating long distance our entire relationship (a story for another day 😉 subscribe so you don’t miss it!) and just wanted to be in the same city! I am very grateful that I was able to leave my job – It was hard after working my way up to the position I was in but I knew it was the best decision for myself and my future husband!


William and I both traveled over a total of 3,000 miles and moved to West Palm Beach, Florida. The place we got engaged, where his incredibly sweet and generous parents and brother lived and where we were about to start planning for our wedding. When I moved to West Palm I did not know a soul. I was not working at first (which was the biggest blessing. I am very grateful for that time to just hang out with Will and decompress from a stressful few years!). I was able to plug into their church and met some amazing girls – one in particular who shortly became one of my very best friends ( Hey Katie 😉 ).


But if I am being totally honest – I did not feel like myself. I felt like I had lost a part of me and I didn’t know what it was. I mean my life did just take a 180 but in the most amazing way possible! I found the man of my dreams and he asked ME out of all the fish in the sea to marry him! So shouldn’t I be feeling on cloud 9? I was partially, but I also felt like I was having an identity crisis! Where did all of my passions and dreams go? Where was my thirst to help and share with others? I was in a whirlwind and needed to figure something out quick.


I had wanted to start a blog for years. I just never did. I never felt “ready” or honestly, fully confident. It wasn’t until after we got married that I was able to find that missing piece. And it was through the encouragement of my incredibly supportive husband and lots of self-improvement that it clicked. I knew that I needed to do this. For myself and for others. I have ALWAYS, since as long as I can remember – loved talking about makeup and planning my outfits in my head. Since I was a young girl I would sit and daydream about home decor and things I thought were beautiful. And I have always loved encouraging and lifting up others. I truly can relate to so many different women – the girl whose parent battled cancer, the girl who lost her father, the girl that loves makeup and fashion, the girl that loves hosting and welcoming others in her home, the young married girl, the girl that lived on her own at a young age, the girl that loves to give gifts, the girl that would rather stay in and watch hallmark movies than go to a club, the girl that loves to-do lists, the girl that is striving to be her best self, the girl that loves dreaming, the girl that treasures sentiment, the girl that loves holidays, the girl that can’t wait to be a mama, the girl that loves to cook and serve her family – I can relate to each of those girls, I AM all of those girls. And I know a lot of you are one or a few of those girls as well!  And so I created Rebecca Wright. Which yes, is my name but also my brand! It’s the place for anyone searching for inspiration, for a smile after a hard day, a silly story, maybe a new recipe or a product I am loving.


And for me, this is a place fully encompassing my true self. I can be creative in my photo shoots, I will find the latest and greatest trends and share my favorite products (only ones I absolutely love), tips, and tricks with all of you! It is like an online friendship!! So please, stay a while. I ‘d love for you to subscribe and share this journey with me. I’d love to grow together and inspire each other. If you know someone who would enjoy my blog as well, please share it with them!


Finally, I am excited to share that a friend so kindly featured me on her blog today! Hi Kim!! She asked me some very good questions and I  answered them for her! I encourage you to go check out her blog, she is so creative and sweet 🙂


Thank you for spending a sliver of your day with me! I will see you back here Thursday for another new post! In the meantime, I’d love for you to follow me on Instagram @mrsrebeccawright.


Wishing you all a happy day and a safe Halloween!





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